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Calling Cards to Call Guyana

At you can buy prepaid calling cards for low-cost calls to Guyana or any other country in the world. Our cards are cheap, clear, reliable and easy to use. With them long distance and international calls will cease to be expensive for you. The use of our phone cards is very simple. No need to spend money to purchase additional equipment and unlimited high-speed Internet connection. Your telephone and virtual phone card - that's all you need! Call Guyana with the DIAMANTE calling card that offers best rates for international calls from USA, just only 15.18 ¢ per minute! Buy a card online. PIN will be delivered instantly via email.
If you are a new customer, get 10 FREE international minutes to call worldwide to any landline or cell phone!

Best calling card to call Guyana RATE PER MINUTE

15.18 ¢

65 minutes for $10 card
Connection Fee: None
Maintenance Fee: 99 ¢
Billing Increment: 3 minutes
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Expiration: 1 Year
Rechargeable: Yes

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